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 Welcome to SR

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PostSubject: Welcome to SR   Thu May 26, 2016 12:59 am

Hello Guest! Welcome to SR!

This is Roku, your forum Owner.  I hope you have a great time RPing here and whatnot, yada yada, all that good stuff.  But onto business.

The people below are your staff here at Shinobi Revolt.  They are here to be the slaves of the players who participate with the RPG on this forum and will help you with whatever you need, so long as it is within their area of operation.

  • Owner:
    As the Owner, I make the final decisions on the bigger issues in the forum.  However, think of me more as the Owner of a franchised fast food restaraunt; I've appointed a Webmaster to handle the day-to-day operation of the forum and I will not actually be an acting member of staff most of the time due to time constraints.  For the most part, I will experience this forum in the same way as any of you; I'll just RP.  No modding topics or creations or whatnot.

  • Webmaster:
    The Webmaster is the administrator who runs the forum on a daily basis.  They hire and fire staff and make sure the staff is doing its job.  However, by no means is this person required to check applications for creations and will only do so when they have time, and of their own initiative.  So don't ask.  This person is the head of my staff and is entrusted with almost all decisions on the forum.

  • Global Moderator:
    The Global Moderator is the administrator responsible for keeping the moderators on par with what is expected of them.  They answer directly to the Webmaster and are approved to operate within each moderator category.  This person nominates possible moderator candidates to be approved by the Webmaster, so if you are interested in being a part of the staff, contact them.

  • Design Coordinator:
    The Design Coordinator is the administrator responsible for the forum's aesthetics.  They may not necessarily create any art themselves, but they implement it and code whatever is necessary.  They may appoint a team of designers to help them with art at their discretion, but they don't necessarily operate as a normal member of staff and aren't even necessarily a full-time member of the forum.

  • Moderators:
    The Moderators are the backbone of the forum.  There are multiple types of moderators; Creation Mods, Battle Mods, and Forum Mods.  Creation Mods are responsible for the grading of applications in the creation section.  Battle Mods are responsible for resolving disputes in combat topics.  Forum Mods have chatbox permissions and keep up the rules of the forum.  Each Moderator may be only one type of moderator, but they may also be a combination.

Creation Process:
The creation process is simple. You post your creation in its respective forum and then post a link to it in the topic entitled "Items Pending Grading" in the "Important Links" widget to the right. Moderators will reply to your item that needs graded and then delete your post in the Items Pending Grading topic. Members are NOT permitted to ask staff to check their topics until their post has been up for at least 24 hours in the Items Pending Grading topic. Do NOT create multiple things in a single topic and do NOT request that multiple topics be graded in the same post in the Items Pending Grading topic. Instead, make several posts (if necessary) after one another, each with a single link to each topic. This is to avoid organizational issues.

Battle Appeal Process:
In any situation where it is possible, members are requested to solve any dispute in combat topics amongst themselves. However, in situations where that is impossible or just is not working, make an out of character post in the topic in which the dispute is taking place detailing your complaint, and request that your RP partner post a rebuttal. 24 hours are given to your RP partner to rebut. After their rebuttal or their 24 hours run out, post a link to your topic in the "Battle Appeals" topic in the widget called "Important Links" to the right and the same process as detailed in Creation Process above will ensue.

NOTICE: This is an alternate universe RP based on the Naruto manga. However, it is not subject to what happened in the Canon. This means that things that were possible in the Canon may not be possible here, and vice versa. In no case does the "X character did it" or "it works in Canon" argument work here.

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Welcome to SR
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